We are an agency with a 30-year long experience of working in tourism and are willing to help you spend your holiday exactly as you imagine it.

We are glad that you have chosen the island of Krk as your destination, which is the seat of our agency. Here we can provide you the best service you need in organizing your holiday and doing trips outside the island.



The island of Krk is one of the most visited holiday destinations in Croatia, and not only because of its natural beauties and cultural heritage but also because of its extremely favourable location.

The Krk bridge with its world’s unique construction, joining the island to the mainland, makes it very good connected to the main traffic roads.

Therefore, we can offer you a great number of excursions, not only on the island of Krk but also in the inland of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

On Krk there is also an international airport. Therefore, the transfer from the airport to the hotel doesn’t last more than 30 minutes.

We organize skiing, school-excursions and other group excursions all around Croatia and abroad, all according to your wishes.


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