A half-day or a day trip including sightseeing in the city of Krk, visiting the islet of Košljun (sacral and etnographic museum-optional), and finally a walk through the picturesque town of Vrbnik, where we make a stop in a typical wine cellar to taste a well-known wine Vrbnička žlahtina. According to your wishes, some other places on the island can be seen as well.
Riječki karneval
grad Rijeka
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Mali Lošinj noću
Mali Lošinj


Plan Plitvičkih jezera
Veli Lošinj
Grad Krk
Otočić Košljun
Arena u Puli
This day trip includes the visit of Poreč, Rovinj and Pula. During the sightseeing of Poreč the way leads us to the famous Euphrasian basilica from the 6th century, placed on the UNESCO’s list of the World’s cultural heritage. Rovinj, the city of the St.Euphemia, is one of the most beautiful cities in Istria. The visit includes going to the church of St.Euphemia. Sightseeing in Pula, a city of numerous ancient monuments, including the visit of the fascinating amphitheatre from the 1st century. There is always an option to change the itinerary.
Rijeka is the third biggest city in Croatia and the biggest Croatian harbour. Sightseeing includes the visit of the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat and the Trsat Castle (optional), as well as the city market-place, and some free time for shopping. Opatija is widely known as the Croatian Niza, one of the most beautiful and the best known tourist destinations in Croatia. One can enjoy his time in the fascinating botanic garden, a target of many tourists.
Grad Opatija
Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, its political and cultural centre. Sightseeing begins with its oldest part - the old town or The upper town, where the Croatian Government and the Parliament are located. There is also the church of St.Marco, a beautiful baroque church of St.Catherina and many museums and galeries. The walk continues on Kaptol. There we find the seat of the Croatian Church, known as the Cathedral of Zagreb. The lower town attracts people wiith its wonderful parks. What draws attention as well, is The Croatian National Theatre, the University and many other cultural institutions. Zagreb offers a lot and is only 2-hour drive from Krk.
If you look for refreshment in the hot summer days, in only 30-minute drive from Krk you can reach Gorski kotar. Due to its beauty, it has been called the Croatian Switzerland. It invites you with beautiful forests, mountain lakes, caves and numerous little family restaurants with national food.

Taking the ferry on Krk, in 20 minutes you reach the island of Cres. This, after Krk, the largest Croatian island is unique with its charming small towns and villages situated directly on the sea. It is something you shouldn’t miss. The islands of Cres and Lošinj are joined on the isthmus by a mobile bridge. Due to its rich vegetation and favourable climate, the island of Lošinj has developed as a climatic cure centre.

The trip includes a panoramic boat tour, lunch (barbecue on the boat or in a restaurant), as well as taking a bath on the beautiful beaches of Krk or some other island.


A day trip to the Plitvice lakes that belong to one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. Since 1979 they are under UNESCO protection. The sightseeing includes taking a boat and a panoramic train.

A 2-hour panoramic tour on a boat with a glass bottom where one can admire the interesting sea flora and fauna.

It gives you the opportunity to see and, of course, enjoy the beauties of our coast and sea.

Hrvatsko narodno kazalište

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Furthermore, we can organize some other attractive excursions as well (for example, Venice, Trieste, Bled, Postojna, Lipica etc.).